August 21, 2007

Video: The Story of Mike Huckabee

Watch and spread this incredible video about Mike Huckabee.

HT: Mike Huckabee '08


Massachusetts For Mike Huckabee said...

Thanks for the making me aware of this great video. This is my first time seeing this one. I will sum it up in one word "amazing"..

Anonymous said...

Great video...keep up the great work

North OC for Huckabee said...

Great video of Govenor Huckabee. Thank you for making it available for us to view. Also, enjoying all the great links are your site.

Keep up the great work! Go Huckabee!

D.Roman said...

Great blog, it really looks nice.

Anonymous said...

What do you make of the recent buzz about GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee?

1. Much ado about nothing;

2. A result of the lack of conservative candidates;

3. A promising boost to a potentially successful campaign; or

4. The beginning of Huckabee's rise to the White House