October 9, 2007

Gallup Poll: Huckabee Closes in on Romney

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If money is really all that matters you would think that Mitt Romney's would buy him a few more votes. As it stands, Romney is stuck in the polls, while Mike Huckabee is getting ready to pass him up.

Remember when Huckabee came in second in Iowa at five cents on the dollar of what Romney spent to win? That storyline has only continued, with one small change — Huckabee may end up the winner.
There are few signs in these national data of change in the positioning of Romney. The former head of Bain Capital is in fourth place with only 9% of the GOP vote, just a couple of points ahead of Huckabee. The gap between Romney and fifth place challenger Huckabee is the smallest of the election year, and the trend lines of vote support between the two have generally been growing closer together. It does not appear outside the realm of possibility that Huckabee could surpass Romney at some point in the future -- and climb into fourth place nationally among Republicans.
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