October 19, 2007

Huckabee with Glenn Beck [UPDATED]

Mike Huckabee had a terrific hour-long interview with Glenn Beck this evening on CNN Headline News. Video to come, as soon as its available.


BECK: You`re a genuine guy. I don`t know. I come home -- I drive home and go talk to my wife, and I say, "You`ve got to watch this, look at his eyes, I can tell that he was lying, or I can see it right there," or whatever. Television does not do justice to people, because you can`t really tell a lot of the times. You`re a real genuine guy, and I believe you believe the things that you are saying.

HUCKABEE: I have to. You know, Glenn, I told you during the break, my dad taught me one simple thing: Tell the truth. You don`t have to remember what you said the next time.

BECK: Yes.

HUCKABEE: If people want to reject me as their president, I want them to know what they`re rejecting. So I`m not going to tell them something I don`t believe. I`ll be honest with them. And if I get thrown out, then so be it.

BECK: Ten seconds. Leave America with one thing you want them to know about you.

HUCKABEE: That I am who I am today, and it`s the same person I was a year ago, 10 years ago, and the same person I`m going to be 20 years from now. My convictions are what they are, and they`re based on some deep, hard, core principles, and I think that matters, authenticity and consistency.

BECK: Governor Mike Huckabee, what a pleasure, sir.

HUCKABEE: Great to be with you.

BECK: Thank you.

America, good night.


Larry said...

I would appreciate if you are able to post the video. I don't have a TV and I would love to see the interview.

Bob said...

Zogby International released the results of an online survey today that show half of likely voters nationwide said they would never vote for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton for president.

At the other end of the scale, only one candidate -- Democrat Bill Richardson -- faired better than Republican Mike Huckabee.

Click here to see the complete survey results or visit Bob McCarty Writes™.

Hope said...

Thanks for posting the videos. That was awesome.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful interview... this and the FRC action Council speech sealed the deal with me.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm a Mitt supporter, coming to find out more about Huckabee (threatening my guy...)

I think the first couple segments were wonderful. I would like to hang out with Huckabee, and I like him as a person.

I disagree with the policies they discussed though. There's no way we're going to abolish the IRS, implement a flat tax, or ignore international laws and treaties in the next 8 years.

Mitt's policies are based more in the reality of our current government.

Can I have Huck's persona with Mitt's brains and political realism?