September 2, 2007

Chris Wallace: Huckabee Is Top-Tier

From a hodge-podge article this morning in the Concord Monitor comes this interesting bit of analysis from Chris Wallace:

In advance of the Republican debate on Wednesday, we checked with one of the questioners - Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace - about the state of the races.

In Wallace's eyes, the top tier of the GOP has room for five. Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani and the soon-to-announce Fred Thompson lead. John McCain is "back in fourth place right now." Mike Huckabee, he said, "is in fifth place but I think has become a front-tier candidate."

On the Democratic said, Wallace said, "Clinton is the clear frontrunner." Obama and Edwards fill out the top tier, he said.

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Peter said...

Forget John McCain and Fred Thompson. The current frontrunners are Rudy, Romney, and Huck.