September 11, 2007

No-Show Fred, At It Again

From CBN News and the Brody File:

The Brody File has been told by Fred Thompson's campaign that he will NOT debate Mike Huckabee one on one. Huckabee had issued the debate challenge last week. Here's what Thompson's Communication Director Todd Harris just told me:

“We have the greatest respect for Gov. Huckabee and respect his desire to elevate the discourse in this campaign. But there are nine people running for the GOP nomination and an arbitrary pairing of just two of them does a disservice to the voters. We will push hard for Lincoln-Douglas style debates once we get into the General Election, when there are only two candidates running.”

To be fair to Thompson, when he said ON The Tonight Show that he backed Newt Gingrich’s debate plan, that plan was for the General Election, not the primaries. You can read about the Gingrich plan here.

You can read more about Mike Huckabee’s challenge to Thompson here.

I will say to Huckabee’s credit he is the only candidate so far that has officially endorsed Gingrich’s debate plan, though Thompson sounds like he’s ok with it too.

Everybody talks about how Thompson will be a thorn in the side of Romney. It looks to me like Huckabee will be a thorn in the side of Thompson. All of them want to be the social conservative guy.
Fred Thompson skipped the New Hampshire debate. He has refused Huckabee's invitation to debate in the format he says he prefers — one-on-one. He has also refused to participate in the Values Voter Debate in Ft. Lauderdale next Monday, figuratively thumbing his nose at the voters he claims to represent.

Mike Huckabee, on the other hand, has participated in every debate. He is the only candidate to have signed Newt Gingrich's pledge for a return to the Lincoln-Douglas debate format. He took the initiative to invite Thompson to a debate on his own terms. He is also the only leading candidate who has agreed to participate in the Values Voter Debate next week. Who is the candidate of the people?

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