September 12, 2007

US Presidency for Sale on eBay

We just received the following email:

On September 7th, Mitt Romney said that rivals Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee needed to raise $20 million in the next few months to join him in the top tier.

Romney Ups Stakes for Volatile GOP Field

It looks like he was serious. The United States presidency is up for sale on eBay. Starting bid: $20 million. Seller: WillardRomney.

eBay Item: United States Presidency

Obviously a hoax, but a clever one, nonetheless. I think it deserves some noise.
We agree. Here's some noise.


Jake Benson said...

Whoohoo! Brilliant. Remember the guy who tried to sell his soul on eBay? That was huge news. This could end up being the same. Send everyone you know to view the eBay page and contact bloggers and news agencies. This could be big.

"H" said...

Great satire. But I can't help noting that the satirist should have referred to "Article II of the Constitution" not the 2nd Amendment. Unless sufficient wealth to raise your own militia is now a requirement...
-K Street Mole for Huckabee

AH said...

K Street, you're one of our favorite Huckabee bloggers... I just (finally) added you to the blogroll.

I forwarded the correction to the "guy" who sent email and it's fixed already. Whaddya know? =D