October 12, 2007

Conservative's Best Speaker

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Huntington News had some good things to say about Huckabee in an editorial this morning:
FULL ARTICLE: Finally, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has emerged as traditional conservative's best speaker, articulating almost flawlessly the values that are cherished in Republican circles. One gets the impression that this former Southern Baptish preacher could sell sand to an Arab with his eloquent and witty remarks during the debates.

But like McCain and Paul, Governor Huckabee also has substance in his responses, based on his several years as a Chief Executive. A southerner, he knows the problems of rural America and speaks of private sector solutions to solve them, rather than Hillary Clinton's unending big government agenda.

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One Mom said...

there's a disturbing article in today's Washington Post (Gary Bauer and some of his cronies pushing for Fred and pushing against Mike). The whole thing is on my blog. It raises some more concerns regarding Mike's speaking position on the schedule at next week's Washington Briefing. I believe it is now even more important that people vote online. Keep pushing it guys.