October 18, 2007

The Daily Kos Community Fears Huckabee

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I have been following liberal and Democrat discussion boards off-and-on this election cycle, and one of the things that has always struck me is how much Democrats fear the Governor — for good reason, too. Why don't Republican leaders get a clue?

To demonstrate this, I did a 3-minute perusal of the liberal DailyKos blog for their latest discussions on the Republican race. Not only did Huckabee win their poll of "Scariest Republican for Democrats who Want to Win," but check out this small comment sample I pulled together:

Huckabee scares me. He sounds intelligent and sane most of the time... He's clearly the Republican candidate with the highest chance of winning in the general.


He's been quickly closing the gap with Romney in the national polls, gaining serious ground in Iowa, and making respectable progress in South Carolina.

For the last time, don't underestimate him. This is the one guy who has the charisma to sell the wingnut agenda even to non-believers.


Huckabee's the one to watch. He has all the right credentials for the evangelical Republicans. He has a great story to tell about his life both in and out of politics. He's authentic--he doesn't wear $600.00 loafers to state fairs or get $300.00 makeup jobs, or have stylists telling him what to wear. He's humble in the most sincere way, a virtue Rudy wouldn't even begin to understand.

I've seen him on a few talk shows and read the transcripts of a round table discussion he was in at the Pew Center just recently. This guy is good. Ridicule him all you want, he has an attractive product and he knows how to sell it.

He almost had me convinced, he's that good. He seems so reasonable. The only thing that saved me from becoming his supporter is my diehard dedication to rid this country of radical Republicanism.

Four years ago, John Kerry was fourth or fifth in Iowa. In 2000, Bush lost New Hampshire. The front runners of today are likely going to be knocked off. Huckabee could just make it.


Huckabee. He's the one who scares me. He's likable, socially conservative, smart, a former Baptist minister and something of a populist. When I watch the debates, I find myself cheering for him. From where I sit, he seems like he should be the GOP front-runner. I think he made a mistake w/ the base when he said that if you want a president who demonizes groups of people, he's not your guy. Clearly, values voters want to be told who to hate and they won't accept one of their own who isn't obsessed w/ the demon-of-the-day. He's dangerous if he pulls an upset win or a close second or third in Iowa or New Hampshire and he's polling in a close third in Iowa right now.


And from Kos himself, in early 2007:

When people look at the GOP field for 2008, they worry about McCain or Allen or even Romney.

You want to know who the strongest GOP candidate would be, the one that would make me lose sleep at night?

Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

The guy is a scary good politician and the more Republican voters see him around the country, the more support he'll get.

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