October 4, 2007

FRC Straw Poll: Vote for Mike

The other day David Brody of CBN had this to say:

Here’s what it’s probably going to come down to with Huckabee. The Family Research Council straw poll will be held on Saturday, October 20th. He must do well here. As a matter of fact, I would suggest that he may need to win it to be seen as the candidate for social conservatives. This Value Voters Summit that FRC is putting on will have all the social conservative heavyweights in town and it really will, more than any other event so far this year, give a real sense as to who social conservatives will rally around. If Huckabee wins it, he can lay claim to that title.
For a $1 donation, you can vote in that straw poll today. Do it now.

UPDATE: K Street Mole has more info and action steps for people who want to rock the FRC Straw Poll for Huckabee.


Massachusetts For Mike Huckabee said...

Hi Alex and Brett,
I will vote in this poll,Mike Huckabee really needs to win this one.Thanks for posting the information. Your blog is looking great, keep up the FANTASTIC work!

bekel said...

I didn't know about this straw poll--just voted.

Thanks for telling people about this!

AH said...

Hey All,

We just announced the FRC Straw Poll Voter Drive. At this point in the campaign, besides fundraising, the straw poll is the most crucial effort for Huckabee supporters — and we have just two weeks.

We’ve put together a voter drive form for signing people up to vote online and/or to attend the event itself in DC on October 19th-21st. We wanted you to know because this is where bloggers and Meetups can be most effective. If we all get behind this, we can make sure Huckabee does very well.

For more information (and to download the form) you can visit our blog:

Announcing: The FRC Straw Poll Voter Drive