October 19, 2007

Huckabee Needs Your Help - NOW!

Romney and Paul supporters are crashing the Family Research Council Straw Poll online. This is a time for urgent action.

+ Vote in the FRC Straw Poll - NOW! +
If you have not voted in the straw poll, do it immediately. The other campaigns have sent out massive email blasts to all their supporters telling them to vote before the deadline tomorrow at noon (EST).

If you have already voted, please find several (or more) people to do so as well. This is asking a lot, but it is vitally important.

It costs just $1 to become an FRC Action member and vote in the straw poll. It is worth much, much more than that. Go vote — and get votes!

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Editor said...

Email Gary Bauer at garybauer@cwfpac.com and tell him you are supporting Mike and encourage him to do the same.