October 9, 2007

Video: Huckabee on Hardball after Debate

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Sample reaction to Huckabee's performance in the Michigan debate:
Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone:

That Mike Huckabee hasn’t caught just a little bit of fire is a mystery to me. He’s charming and funny, and always seems reasonable even when he’s preaching to the freepers. I don’t know why the James Dobsons of the world are threatening to leave the party rather than throwing their weight behind this Southern Baptist minister with a concealed-carry permit and a “covenant marriage.” Someone whose phone calls Focus on the Family actually returns ought to ask Dr. D. just that.

Peter S. Canellos, Boston Globe:

[Guiliani's and Romney's] furious disputes over their respective records on budgeting and taxes ended up dragging down both of them, as they each tossed up wildly contradictory statistics to label the other as a liberal spender.

Arizona Senator John McCain and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee seemed presidential by comparison, as they resolved to lead their party away from the path of wasteful spending (McCain) and economic elitism (Huckabee.)

David Brody, CBNNews.com:

Mike Huckabee was good tonight. He struck many populist themes and his trademark humor was on display. What may have been the key moment tonight for him though was his answer on congressional war approval. He made clear that he would be decisive in determining what to do if war was imminent. Huckabee was forceful in his answer. The rap on him is that he may not be as strong on terrorism as the others. That wasn’t on display tonight.

Steven Pearlstein, Washington Post:

Two hours, nine candidates, but only one (Mike Huckabee) willing to draw the connection between growing disenchantment with the economy, widening income inequality and the obscene pay packages of chief executives and hedge fund managers.

Judged by who can offer a serious approach to economic policy, the hands-down winner in the Republican race so far is Huckabee, who combines intelligence, candor and comfortable familiarity with the issues and a practical approach anchored in solid conservative beliefs. If only the political press were as impressed with the quality of a candidate's program as with his name recognition, it would be Huckabee, not Thompson, who was energizing the Republican contest.

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Anonymous said...

Huckabee looked strong. He is winning me over.