November 16, 2007

Huckabee Poll Update

With each day that goes by, the primary season gets closer, and state and national polls become increasingly frequent. And the poll numbers for Huckabee keep getting better and better. Here are the highlights from this past week:

In Michigan, a Detroit News poll has Huckabee at 9%, his highest Michigan numbers to date. He is now within striking distance of McCain (12%) and Thompson (13%).

In Iowa, the latest Rasmussen poll finds Huckabee in second place:

Romney 29
Huckabee 16
Giuliani 15
Thompson 14
McCain 6
Huckabee also holds second place in a new Research 2000 Iowa poll:
Romney 27
Huckabee 18
Giuliani 16
Thompson 10
McCain 6
A Strategic Vision poll in Florida shows Huckabee breaking into double digits. Huckabee is at 4th place in FL, with 10% of the vote, trailing Romney by 2 points. McCain and Thompson are tied for 2nd at 13%.

Finally, in the national polls, Rasmusssen has Huckabee tied with Romney and Thompson for 2nd place at 12%, ahead of John McCain at 10%.

Huckabee comes in at 10% in a new Gallup poll, trailing close behind Romney (12%) and McCain (13%).

And in a FOX News poll, Huckabee is tied with Romney at 8%. This is the highest number for Huckabee in any FOX poll to date.

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