November 30, 2007

The Huckabee Surge in South Carolina

A new American Research Group poll for South Carolina has Huckabee in 3rd place at 18%, far ahead of Thompson and McCain:

Giuliani 23
Romney 21
Huckabee 18
Thompson 13
McCain 10
Paul 3


Elisabeth Gruber said...

I like (M)Ike!

That is great that Mike Huckabee is gaining popularity in South Carolina.

Is there any poll on his national progress? (I've seen the ones for Florida, Iowa, and South Carolina)

Joel said...

The only recent national poll (i.e., from this week) is Rasmussen's daily poll, which has Huckabee at 13% today, tied in 2nd place with McCain and Romney (Thompson is at 12%). But after Wednesday's debate, I wouldn't be surprised if his numbers on Monday will be even better!