November 15, 2007

The Huckabee "Taxes" Video

A video has been circulating that attempts to paint Huckabee as a "liberal tax and spender." Any thoughtful, intelligent viewer can tell that the video is clearly taken out of context. But if you or any of your friends need further proof, just watch this one-minute clip below for additional context, read this background news article (excerpt below), or view the entire speech here and here:

From an Arkansas Democrat-Gazette news article in October:
The 2003 and 2004 sessions are instructive because they show how Huckabee wrestled with a tumultuous economy, a Supreme Court unafraid to exercise its authority and a Legislature controlled by Democrats.

“The government’s job is to provide basic necessities such as prisons to keep us safe and good roads to drive on,” he said through a spokesman via e-mail. “As Governor, that’s what I tried to do while being responsible with the revenue and state budget.”

In January 2003, legislators faced a slowing economy and a ruling from the state Supreme Court that the state’s system of funding public education was inadequate and inequitable.

Meanwhile, an economic downturn had reduced gross general revenue — most of that comes from income and sales taxes — to $ 3. 98 billion in the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2002, down from $ 4. 01 billion the previous year.

Some legislators favored a 10 percent income-tax surcharge, others increasing taxes on tobacco products. Still others sought to use money from a budget-surplus fund typically used to pay for pet projects in lawmakers’ districts.

By April, legislators and the governor hadn’t agreed on which taxes to raise or by how much, and the regular session dissolved into partisan acrimony. Lawmakers went home without passing any major tax increases or enacting a state budget.

When legislators returned on May 5 for a special session, Huckabee urged them to increase taxes and pass budget bills to stave off cuts in crucial state services. He said he would accept any of the increases lawmakers had proposed, including higher tobacco taxes, an increase in the sales tax or an income-tax surcharge.

“We’re no longer talking about merely shaving some excess,” he told legislators from the House floor. “We’re talking about amputating valuable and vital limbs if we don’t come up with necessary funding to meet the needs of those who depend on it.”

When times were easier and state coffers flush, Huckabee pushed through one of the largest tax cuts in Arkansas history.

In 1997, the first legislative session of his tenure, the Legislature doubled the standard income-tax deduction and adjusted rates to keep Arkansans below the federal poverty line from paying. That reduced revenues by $ 90. 6 million its first year in effect.

Read the whole thing here...

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g'burgPam_get out the voteVOX said...

Thanks SO much for your blog. I do hope that many believers all over the country will step up to battle the culture war in this election not only for President but for local and state leaders as well.

If the country as a whole had lower taxes, just think what believers could contribute to the kingdom.

So grateful that you have the link for registering to vote at Rock the Vote. This is affiliated with Project Vote Smart (!

As you may know, if someone is seventeen and will be eighteen by the November election, they can register to vote AND VOTE IN THE PRIMARY even though they're only 17!!! Could you post this somewhere? Thanks so much!

Also, at, check out state and national leaders issue rating positions by the candidate's name. You can REALLY FIND OUT A LOT about an incumbent through this site such as how they've voted on abortion-related bills, etc. You can even look up Hillary's, Obama’s and Edwards’s information (search for each by last name)!

Here's an example for one of my STATE delegates:

The biographical information such as this for him at
is very informative.

It even shows his involvement in NARAL!


If you have email, just BCC your contacts and let them know they can have an INCREDIBLE impact.

Please don't get too busy doing wonderful things for the Lord to not take notice of the important issues going on in each of our states that legislators are trying to push down our throats. In mine, there's same-sex marriage, increased funding for embryonic stem cell research, gambling, and more . . . and folks on the school board are continuing to push condoms and acceptance of homosexuality and transgenderism.

Also a tip for folks all over the country -- don't rely on Christian-run voter scorecards to be able to educate believers . . . many candidates DON'T answer the questions.

Consider doing research from your local paper about local politicans and copy the online newspaper links to where the candidates answer questions such as abortion, same-sex marriage, gambling, etc.

Then, email this information out to your friends and family and remind them of the importance of voting with a biblical worldview in mind.

You can also direct them to Pray The Vote (Presidential Prayer Team) at

Also, be sure to encourage your friends and family to contribute what they can to support good candidates. Even $20.08 is manageable for each person, like Huckabee mentions ;-). If you have to, skip a few drinks from Starbucks in order to contribute (of course, once you've given to your church).

Hope this helps to remind everyone that God can use EACH OF YOU to make an incredible difference ;-)!