December 16, 2007

December 16: Huckabee News Roundup

In another Florida poll just released by Datamar this weekend, Huckabee is in 1st place:

A statewide poll of Florida voters for the Republican presidential primary election, released today by Datamar Inc., shows that former Governor from Arkansas Mike Huckabee has taken the lead with 24.8%. Former U.S. Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani has fallen to second place in the polls with 21%. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is in third place with 19.2%. The findings are based on a December 9 – 13, 2007 survey of Florida voters.
Rick Scarborough has a great article at the Vision America website called Huckabee, Faith and Politics:
This week, after receiving little more than an asterisk in the polls in mid-October, Governor Mike Huckabee has surged to the front of the pack in the most recent Rasmussen poll. This meteoric rise in the polls at the expense of Governor Mitt Romney and Mayor Rudy Giuliani has left the pundits speechless. Interestingly, whereas candidate Mike Huckabee had been referred to as Governor Huckabee throughout the campaign, he is now increasingly being referred to as “former Baptist Preacher” Mike Huckabee.

Nothing is accidental with the media. Doubtless, now that Huckabee is a serious contender for the nomination, his Baptist preacher background is going to fall under scrutiny. After all, a ceremonial belief in God is expected by candidates, but Heaven help that we not allow a guy who actually believes the Bible to be true and worse, practices its precepts and relies upon it, get elected. The left has been working tirelessly for over 40 years to shove Christianity into the closet and ultimately into oblivion.

I can’t predict who will achieve the nomination for president of either party at this stage, but I can predict that anyone who seriously practices a biblical faith will sooner or later be assaulted by the left. And I will be the subject of liberal blogs tomorrow for saying that. But they and we know that biblical Christianity is a threat to those who advance a liberal agenda.

This week an activist in Iowa made an interesting comment to me about the Mike Huckabee phenomena. While the Romney campaign has spent millions in Iowa to attract voters, the Huckabee campaign has aired few commercials because, until recently, they couldn’t afford a full campaign staff--let alone spend money on media buys. Yet Romney is falling like a rock in the polls and Huckabee’s numbers are soaring. This long time activist in Iowa politics said of Huckabee that rank and file people of both parties in her state are attracted to him because he is neither Republican nor Democrat, but American.

As I pondered her statement I thought, how refreshing, and perhaps how insightful. Huckabee has rankled the ire of many traditional conservatives with his unorthodox politics; while being unapologetic about his traditional social views, he challenges some of the conservative conclusions with many of his views regarding taxes, immigration and education. That mix usually spells disaster among Republicans yet he is leading the pack at present.

There are many speculative reasons offered for why he holds those views, but my friend’s comment that he is American resonates with me. Could it be that people are drawn to him because in him they see a genuine, authentic American, who embraces biblical truth and is attempting, in his humanity, to apply it to public policy? No one will ever get it completely right, and Huckabee won’t, but people like the fact that he is trying and not affected by the attacks from both the left and the right. And I believe that true Americans like the fact that in his campaign, “they,” not the handlers, nor the money people, nor the media, nor the political hacks, are driving his candidacy. His campaign has lacked money but it has generated what millions cannot buy--true believers.
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