December 8, 2007

Huckabee Surges to the Front in Michigan

A new Michigan poll from Rasmussen shows Huckabee catapulting into the front with 21% of the vote (up from 9% in a mid-November poll):

Mike Huckabee’s surging campaign has created a three-way toss-up in Michigan’s Republican Primary. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds Huckabee earning 21% of the vote. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the son of a former Michigan Governor, attracts 20% support while former New York City Mayor is the top choice for 19% of Likely Republican Primary Voters.

Trailing the Michigan frontrunners are Fred Thompson at 9%, John McCain at 8% and Ron Paul at 7%.

As in other states, Huckabee leads all candidates among Evangelical Christians. In Michigan, he attracts 37% of the Evangelical vote. Giuliani is second among these voters with 16% support. Romney attracts just 6% of Evangelical Primary voters, less support than McCain or Thompson.


-Tom said...

I heard Pat Buchanan was saying yesterday that " Huckabee Peaked 2 weeks early"... well its good to see that is wrong!! Huckabee is still strong and gaining momentum!

I like Mike :-)

Arkie said...

Trust me, I have known Huckabee for fifteen years. He is greedy. He wrote a book about the Westside school shooting right after it happened and didn't donate a dime to the injured students. The governor should NOT have profited off his dead constituents. Especially if they are little girls and the teacher who died trying to protect her students.

Joe said...

Arkie, you mean, you lived in the same state as him and you read the DailyKos... I have many more friends in Arkansas who have had personal interaction with the Governor. They would take issue with your smear.

Shane Vander Hart said...

Great news!

Arkie - the fact it is the DailyKos "reporting" this shows a lack of credibility.

Go Huckabee!

Shane Vander Hart