December 22, 2007

Huckabee With Low Levels of Core Opposition

A new Rasmussen poll measures the core opposition for leading candidates. They find that Huckabee (34%), McCain (33%), and Thompson (34%) have the lowest levels of core opposition, while Romney (47%) and Clinton (47%) have the highest:

Among the leading Presidential candidates, New York Senator Hillary Clinton and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney have the highest level of core opposition among voters. Forty-seven percent (47%) say they will vote against each of these candidates no matter who else is on the ballot.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Arizona Senator John McCain. For the second straight month, McCain finds himself with the smallest level of core opposition--just 33% say they will definitely vote against him.

In between, 42% will definitely vote against Giuliani, 38% against Edwards, 36% against Obama, 34% against Huckabee, 34% against Thompson.

On a net basis (core support minus core opposition), Obama (-7) and McCain (-11) come out on top. Giuliani (-19) and Romney (-28) have the weakest numbers on a net basis.
What he doesn't mention in the article is that Huckabee's net comes out to -13, tied with Thompson and much better than Giuliani and Romney.


colecurtis said...

You need to update that track record to add the padded credentials, the event in which your hero let a raping murderer loose and he raped and murdered again. dont forget to tell how the taxes went up 47% during his 10 year reign that he boasts of 91 taxcuts with that type of tax increase how ould they ever break even. then the dirty push-polling that "oh did I mention I'm a christian knows nothing about,"yeah right." What gets me that he professes to the whole country that he is a man of God and does this crap and insults peoples intelligence by thinking that they don't know the difference. You see people are beginning to look past all the grandstanding and the posturing and see the real candidates and what they stand for. The difference between my candidate and yours is that mine can stand on his own merit, and yours, well he has no merit. That is why even with all the dirty crap that you all are pulling and still to no avail(look it up in the dictionary)because the good will win this time over evil because my bible tells me so.

Joel said...

We do have a post dealing with the Wayne Dumond case if you want to read it.

We also have several posts about Huckabee's tax record. In case you decide not to look them up, here's something Michael Medved wrote at Townhall earlier this month:

"For those who are interested in the truth, however, the growth of the tax burden in Arkansas under 11 years of Huckabee looks no worse (and actually a tad better) than the growth of taxes in Massachusetts under 4 years of Romney."

Also, the Huckabee campaign has repeatedly denounced push-polling.

We at I Heart Huckabee are actually quite familiar with the word "avail". But if you really want to get technical, I usually capitalize "Bible".

If you want a blog that bashes Huckabee rather than supporting him, there are many out there for your reading enjoyment.

Jimmy Morris said...

Don't forget Ron Paul. His core opposition actually beat Hillary and Romney with 48%!