December 30, 2007

Reaction: Huckabee on Meet the Press

Governor Huckabee did an incredible job in a tough interview on Sunday morning, answering and countering the many recent attacks and demonstrating the conviction and authenticity that has won voters over in Iowa and across the nation.

Here's a small sampling of the reaction to his performance:

Race42008: I am not bailing on Fred Thompson and won’t until after he completes his second term in office. But given that there is at least a 1% chance that Fred will not be our nominee, and since I like all our candidates, I want to [say that] I watched Huckabee face tough questions on all the [issues] this morning and came away impressed and reassured that he would be a great Commander in Chief.

National Review Online: Huckabee's decision to appear on MTP just a few days before the Iowa Caucuses was initially viewed as a high-stakes gable. If so, it paid off... While he was pressed on foreign policy, Huck's responses were smooth, and he never got flustered. Huck came across as a confident and likable candidate.

MSNBC: Say this about Huckabee, he really can handle tough questions. Under intense questioning from NBC’s Tim Russert, Huck never lost his cool. He passed the Pakistan pop quiz of sorts and even got in some harsh Romney digs, calling him dishonest. And in defending his running on his faith, Huckabee reminded viewers he didn't try and replace the Arkansas capital dome with a steeple. Bottom line: The guy is comfortable in his own skin and despite the array of tough questions he received, he never didn't smile or stay calm.

Townhall: Just four days before the Iowa caucuses, Mike Huckabee's appearance on Meet The Press this morning included one of the most coherent and persuasive arguments in favor of the Pro-Life cause that has ever been voiced on national television.
Watch the video of the Governor's performance here. Transcript here.

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