January 29, 2008

January 29: Huckabee News Roundup

Here are 2 late Florida polls:


Romney 37.8
McCain 35.7
Huckabee 12.4
Giuliani 11.4
Paul 2.7


McCain 35
Romney 31
Huckabee 13
Giuliani 13
Get the Florida election results as they come in from the Florida Department of State. Click on "U.S. President" on the left sidebar. Click on "U.S. President" again to see county by county results.

Check out this column by Andrew Longman titled, "Mitt or Huck: Who's More Conservative?":
There is a persistent myth that Mike Huckabee is a liberal and Mitt Romney is a conservative. That, my discerning friends, is a lie of convenience assembled by establishment people who own Romney, don't own Huckabee, and who have a lot of money they fear is at stake. Please keep in mind that Mitt Romney has tens of millions of dollars on hand and outspent Huckabee 15 to 1 in Iowa. Romney is supported by the multi-billion dollar business entity known as the Mormon Church. And pointedly, Huckabee has only his principles and a 10-year history as governor to run on; his professional life was made building only spiritual capital.

But let's reduce the charge to its root. Huckabee typically gets slammed as a liberal on taxes, pardons and illegal immigration. Do any of the charges stand up, or are they just being shouted through multi-million-dollar megaphones? I can only fit one topic per column, so let's hit the pocketbook.

The total tax burden in Arkansas went from 30.3 percent in 1996 when Huckabee took office all the way up to (are you ready?) 30.5 percent in 2006 right before he left. That's right, folks. Under the "big government" guy, the overall tax burden rose by two-tenths of a percent in 10 years. If you meet any Republican politician who can hold a Democratic state legislature to raising the tax burden by only two-tenths in 10 years, make him president, would you?

Has anyone recognized if any Republican is to be president, he'd probably have to restrain a Democratic legislature? And experience doing that is a good thing? Forgive me, but two-tenths in 10 years isn't a point of complaint. The guy should get a medal.
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Erin said...

What if we call on the Huck's Army in the States where the primary has already happened and ask them to mail their signs out to those in states where the Super Tuesday elections will be. This will save Huck money on putting out signs, this will help get signs into hands of those who need them. I call it operation recycle Huck Signs!