January 3, 2008

January 3: Iowa Update

Race42008 has the lowdown on how to find out the Iowa caucus results tonight:

The Iowa Republican Party has sent out a press release to let all of us politicos know that we can watch up-to-the-second results of the caucus on their website tonight.

The way the caucus works, just as a reminder, is that folks will hold straw polls in 1,781 different precincts. After the voting in each particular precinct is complete, the results will be tabulated and called into the Iowa GOP office — at which time they “will post that information immediately on our website”.

So be sure to bookmark iowagop.net for the most updated caucus results tonight. The caucuses start at 7:00 pm Central Time and the Presidential Preference portion of the evening is slated as the first order of business.
And 2 more last minute polls show Huckabee in 1st:
American Research Group

Huckabee 29%
Romney 24%
Thompson 13%
McCain 11%
Giuliani 8%

Insider Advantage

Huckabee 30%
Romney 24%
McCain 11%
Thompson 11%
Paul 7%
Giuliani 5%


Erin said...

Hey guys, did you see Huck on Jay Leno last night. He did a great job!

Andy Mack said...

A hearty congratulations to Mike Huckabee on a well fought and honorable win in the face of overwhelming negatives in Iowa. Here's to South Carolina in a few weeks!

Shane Vander Hart said...

Iowa GOP doesn't have caucus results up. You can go to http://www.myabc5.com (local news site) to get up to date info.