January 4, 2008

January 4: New Hampshire Poll Update

2 recent New Hampshire polls show an upward trend for Huckabee. A strong third place showing in the Granite State primaries next Tuesday would keep the momentum going from yesterday's Iowa win:


Romney 29
McCain 25
Huckabee 13
Giuliani 9

American Research Group

McCain 35
Romney 25
Huckabee 12
Paul 9
Giuliani 8

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Shane Vander Hart said...

Great news! Hey I appreciate your blog. I was over at Randy Alcorn's blog yesterday and he gave you guys kudos. Also I didn't realize until last week that you were instrumental in Chuck Norris' endorsement. Way to go!

Hey you have me in your blog roll as Caffeinated Thoughts. I actually moved my blog and no longer call it Caffeinated Thoughts. It can now be found at http://shanevanderhart.wordpress.com. I have you on my blogroll and on a seperate page for Bloggers for Huckabee.