January 5, 2008

January 5: New Hampshire Poll Update

Polling in New Hampshire continues to show an upward trend for Huckabee:

Concord Monitor/Research 2000

McCain 35
Romney 29
Huckabee 13
Giuliani 8
Paul 7
Thompson 3

American Research Group

McCain 39
Romney 25
Huckabee 14
Giuliani 7
Paul 6
Thompson 1
Plus, reports keep coming about crowded Huckabee events in New Hampshire, such as this one from Dale Fitzpatrick:
We started the morning in Londonderry where Mike Huckabee and Chuck Norris celebrated local charities at the "Reason for Giving" event. Especially touching was the Moore Mart collection for which sends packages to the troops in Iraq. The middle school cafeteria was packed to the gills...we had to keep trying to get the crowd to pack in further.

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WA for Mike said...

Good! Let's hope he wins!

I could not find a way to email you, so I will do it through the comment.
I just created a Huckabee site, www.waformike.wordpress.com. Would you link to it please? I have linked to your site from mine.
Thanks! and get the word out!! :)