January 7, 2008

January 7: Poll Update

The Rasmussen daily tracking poll shows Huckabee back in 1st place nationally:

In the race for the Republican Presidential Nomination, it’s Huckabee 20% McCain 19%, Rudy Giuliani 17%, Mitt Romney 15%, and Fred Thompson at 11%. Ron Paul attracts 3% support.
Now for the latest New Hampshire numbers. Rasmussen shows Huckabee in 3rd:
The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in New Hampshire shows John McCain earning 32% of the vote while Mitt Romney attracts 31%.

The survey was conducted on Saturday and Sunday. All interviews were conducted before Sunday night’s debate. Romney leads by five percentage points among Republicans while McCain leads by thirteen among Independents likely to take part.

The current poll shows Mike Huckabee with 11% of the vote, Rudy Giuliani close behind at 10%, and Ron Paul at 8%. Fred Thompson earns 3%, some other candidate attracts 2%, and 4% are not sure.
FOX News also shows Huckabee in 3rd place:
McCain 34
Romney 27
Huckabee 11
Giuilani 9
A Marist poll shows Huckabee with a strong lead over Ron Paul and Giuliani:
McCain 35
Romney 31
Huckabee 13
Paul 8
Giuliani 5
Plus, a Strategic Vision poll shows Huckabee in 3rd:
John McCain 35
Mitt Romney 27
Mike Huckabee 13
Rudy Giuliani 8
Ron Paul 7


Bob W said...

I have become a Huckabee fan and read your blog regularly. I think you would do a service to the candidate and his campaign to say he did not do well in the debates this weekend in N.H. He did not do well, and he needs to spend time 'rehearsing' prior to the next one, rather than going dawn to dusk on the campaign trail.

He has a good message, and a distinct message; which is particularly important in a multi-candidate race; but he sometimes sounds Junior Varsity on the foreign policy questions.

He needs to answer coherently on his tax record, and on immigration. Not answering Romney directly looked bad. If the taxes were net/net higher at the end of his term, so be it; best to be honest than avoid the question.

And he should fire Ed Rollins. That guy's an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Bob W,

Overall I agree with your assessment. Yet I found myself not being impressed with anyone's performance. I think Giuiliani did the best representing his position and Thompson did a good job of not saying much of substance and thus avoiding a poor performance but it wasn't much to be impressed about either.

That said, I do think he turned the corner about two-thirds into the debate and finished the strongest. It was an absolute embarrassment when all the GOP candidates were bickering and taking cheap shots at each other. I was glad to see Huckabee stay out of it and actually be recognized by Charlie for staying out of the fray.

What he had to say about Obama and securing the border was good. I would love for him to expand more on his tax policy because I like it and think most Americans will too if they hear enough to understand it.

On a side note: For all the criticism of Huckabee's lack of foreign policy, would ANYONE want McCain to be the one representing us in UN meetings or with foreign leaders around the world? If he treats fellow Americans the way he did in the debate I can't imagine what he's going to say to people of other cultures, backgrounds and philosophical beliefs. I truly think other countries will hate us more if he is the one representing us. Bush is kinder and better understanding than him.


-FEISTY said...

hey i love your blog, i bookmarked you! i'm a huge huckabee fan from south dakota!