January 20, 2008

Results from Nevada, South Carolina

Romney won handily in Nevada, while Huckabee narrowly edged out Thompson for 4th place by just 95 votes. In South Carolina, it was a tight race between McCain and Huckabee. McCain emerged the victor by just 3 percentage points. Huckabee gained 2 delegates from Nevada and 5 from South Carolina.

Nevada Republican Caucuses:

Romney 51
Paul 14
McCain 13
Huckabee 8
Thompson 8
Giuliani 4

South Carolina Republican Primary:

McCain 33
Huckabee 30
Thompson 16
Romney 15
Paul 4
Giuliani 2

The GOP Delegate Scorecard:

Romney 59
Huckabee 39
McCain 36
Thompson 5
Paul 4
Hunter 2
Giuliani 1

1 comment:

Bradley Looy said...

I could tell from the moment the numbers came in that there was a Thompson factor. Guess I wasn't the only one, Huck's been saying it publicly.