January 12, 2008

WND: Teen Twins Birth HucksArmy.com

World Net Daily features an exclusive article on Alex and Brett:

Teen twins birth HucksArmy.com
Site's founder calls ex-governor 'a right-government conservative'

Ron Paul supporters aren't the only ones who can claim spontaneous grass-roots activism online: Mike Huckabee enthusiasts point to a new website founded by teenage twins that's organizing worker bees nationwide for the former Arkansas governor's presidential effort.

HucksArmy.com, created by 19-year-old Brett and Alex Harris, homeschool graduates from Portland, Ore., boasts over 3 million hits thus far – and if the Harris twins' track record of online success is any indication, the new site could attract considerably more visitors.

The Harrises are founders of TheRebelution.com, a site targeting Christian youth that fosters "a teenage rebellion against the low expectations of an ungodly culture." The site currently gets around 24,000 visitors daily.

So, why did the high-achieving media-savvy teens (whose new book is entitled Do Hard Things) choose Huckabee as their man?

"What really grabbed our attention initially about Mike Huckabee is that he is a great communicator," Alex Harris told WND. "He says things like, 'I'm a conservative, but I'm not mad at anybody about it.' And that's what young voters today are looking for, honestly – someone who can get things done not by compromising or by just plunging ahead regardless of what people think, but by communicating and inspiring people to reach for more. And that's what every great leader has been able to do."

Alex says it was Huckabee's "fresh thinking on critical issues that really got us hooked" – like "developing creativity through arts and music" in the schools.

"What he realizes is that the reason so many young people are dropping out of school or taking naps in class is not because we're dumb, but because we're bored."

Brett Harris rebutted criticism by Huckabee detractors that he favors big government.

"Conservatives hold to the idea that the government that governs least governs best, but by that standard Iraq has a better government than we do," said Brett. "Mike Huckabee is not a big-government conservative; he is a right-government conservative. There is a constitutional role for government, and Huckabee recognizes that.

"The reason the people of Arkansas repeatedly re-elected him was because he got the results. He got a life amendment passed and a marriage amendment. He turned a $250 million deficit into an $850 million surplus. He improved the roads and the schools. He cut taxes and balanced the budget every year. The reason some people hate him is because he didn't always do things their way – but they haven't gotten the results doing it their way."

Said Harris: "I think the people of this country are ready for a new way that works."

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Applied Christianity said...

Wow! Congratulations you guys!

Anna Naomi said...

Great article! You two are such an inspiration - praise God!

Erin said...

There you go again, getting yourself in the news. I really think it's great though. The more publicity the more chances of your book becoming a best seller! Just don't forget us little guys and gals. No pun intended. :D

Erin said...

Oh, and I see your in the New York Times too!

sam said...

you guys are an inspiration!
a reflection of HIM!
keep it up.