February 7, 2008

Huck's Army Reaching Out to Romney Supporters

Huck's Army releases the following press release after Romney's departure from the race:

Huck's Army troops: Huckabee's conservative credentials are real
McCain will struggle to beat Hillary or Obama in the South -- Huckabee won't

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The 17,000 grassroots "troops" of HucksArmy.com are encouraging Gov. Mitt Romney supporters to take another look at Huckabee. They have set up a welcome and question and answer forum at http://forum.hucksarmy.com where Romney and Huckabee supporters can interact.

"Although many have been misinformed, we really believe that Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney have similar credentials and conservative positions," said Lucas Roebuck, Public Affairs Officer for HucksArmy.com.

NO TAX INCREASES: Both Huckabee and Romney signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge. John McCain has not signed the pledge (atr.org).

ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: Both Huckabee and Romney have said energy independence is vital for American security and would make it a top priority of the administration.

GUBERNATORIAL EXPERIENCE: Both Huckabee and Romney believe that the experience of being governor is most beneficial when preparing for the presidency. Romney was governor for a term in Massachusetts; Huckabee was governor of Arkansas for over a decade.

SECURE THE BORDER NOW: Both Huckabee and Romney opposed amnesty. Both support getting the Mexican/American border fence done in the first months of the next president's term.

SANCTITY OF LIFE: "We must promote a culture of life," said Romney. No candidate has done more to promote life than Mike Huckabee, according to the National Right to Life PAC.

Huckabee supporters also believe Huckabee is the most electable GOP candidate at this point.

"Republicans don't win if they don't carry the south," Roebuck said. "McCain may be polling well in national polls, but how will he do against an Obama or Clinton in the critical Southern states? Both Barack and Hillary have a unique appeal to the South that only Huckabee can negate."

If Obama is the candidate, Huckabee's oratory excellence will be critical in national Republican debates.

"Huckabee is clearly the best GOP debater," Roebuck said. "He's the one who will be able to face down the siren rhetoric of Obama in the general election."

About HucksArmy.com

With core values of faith, family and freedom, HucksArmy.com is an online grassroots movement not owned or operated by any candidate or political campaign. With more than 17,000 recruits, HucksArmy.com is dedicated to mobilize support for candidates who honor God and country.

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Anonymous said...

I have seen in many blogs the accusation that Mike Huckabee "injected his religion" into the race and put Romney on the defense as a Mormon. This is simply not true. The fact that Governor Huckabee was introduced as a "former Baptist Minister" in the media, (often by opponents by the way) injected religion into the campaigns, whether anyone liked it or not. Governor Huckabee was troubled by the way he and his supporters were portrayed. I hope all of Gov. Romney's supporters will see this for what it was and not hold any of it against Gov. Huckabee. That truth is, the Mormon community has been a strong support for conservative and prolife positions and as Evangelicals and Mormons we can march together in the fight to establish as truly conservative Republican Party and a truly conservative Administration. With all due respect to Senator McCain, he has not shown the conservative convictions of Gov. Huckabee on any of the major issues beyond the War on Terror. Gov. Huckabee brings all of the best positions together in an intelligent and winsome manner. Our hand is extended in friendship. Please join us in making American a bastion of Faith, Family & Freedom.