February 10, 2008

WA Update

The Washington State Republican Party updated the election results this afternoon. Huckabee has gained 2 tenths of a percent, but not much has changed:

Statewide Results 2008 Precinct Caucuses:

Precincts Reporting 93.3 %

Candidates Percentage

Huckabee 23.8 %
McCain 25.4 %
Paul 20.7 %
Romney 16.7 %
Other 1.0 %
Uncommitted 12.3 %
Earlier today I emailed the Washington State Republican Party asking them to post the full WA results. They responded by saying: "The counting was never stopped. We just haven't heard from all the precincts yet. The numbers continue to trickle in."

They also said that yesterday's caucuses only elected delegates to their county conventions, but no actual delegates will be won by any campaign until May 31st at the state convention. They also said that since Washington is not "winner take all", it is very likely that they will send delegates for 2 or more candidates.

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