September 7, 2007

Huckabee Accepts the Challenge, Will Fred?

This afternoon, from the Boston Globe:

Huckabee accepts Thompson's offer to debate

On a Fox News appearance Fred Thompson said he wanted have a classic Lincoln-Douglas debate on issues as opposed to the multiple candidate debates that have been taking place.

Today former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee wrote Thompson a letter to say it was a great idea and that he wants to challenge him to a debate in that format in New Hampshire.
Huckabee is the only candidate to have accepted Newt Gingrich's challenge for Lincoln-Douglas debate come general election.

On the Jay Leno Show the night of the New Hampshire debate and in his interview on Hannity & Colmes yesterday, Thompson expressed his aversion to participating in the traditional candidate debates, saying that he would like to return to the one-on-one Lincoln-Douglas style.

This is Fred's chance to finally back up his words with action.

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Massachusetts For Mike Huckabee said...

I think this is a brilliant move by the Huckabee campaign. Fred doesn't have a lot of choice here, if he declines people will really perceive him as weak and incompetent.

People are still upset because Fred didn't show up for the NH debate.

To decline 2 debates in a row is political suicide..

Great Post, keep up the good work!