October 10, 2007

Dobson: Huckabee is Gaining Ground

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James Dobson in an interview on the Frank Pastore Show today:
I don’t believe that Rudy Giuliani can beat Hillary because he will not have the large percentage of the conservative Christian, pro-life movement. There was a Rasmussen poll on Thursday of last week that said 27 percent of the entire G.O.P said they would not vote for a pro-abortion candidate. You cannot win an election losing 27 percent of your base, you just can’t.

The other assumption is that it’s going to be 13 months from now the way it is right now. Things change. I’m not at all sure that even Hillary is going to be all that she looks like she is now, even though the press is doing everything to convince us that it’s all over; they have stampeded us into abandoning our principles.

There’s one other dimension to it... if that pro-life community holds its nose and votes for a person like this despite the things they have believed, the pro-family and pro-life movement is gone for ever. It’s gone. But if Hillary does win—and that would be awful—but if she does win that same community would mobilize like never before. So there are just a lot of good reasons to not do this.

There is some encouraging evidence that Huckabee is gaining ground and he does believe what we believe and so does Tancredo and so does Duncan Hunter and so does Sam Brownback—we’ve got alternatives. Why do we have to go chasing after someone who is contradictory to what we believe?
Most encouraging news? No mention of Romney as an alternative.

Now let's make sure Huckabee wins the FRC Straw Poll.

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Mike Core said...

Wow, finally a word from JD on our man Huck! Hopefully, there's a lot more where that came from. You're right, the fact that he said nothing about Romney is especially notable.

This morning on Focus, I heard Dr. Dobson say that he wasn't called to be popular or to operate a large ministry, he was called to be obedient to our Father in Heaven...now that was refreshing! I was wondering if he and Dr. Land had become overly concerned with money and power, but it sounds like Dr. Dobson for one has chosen to principle, regardless of what it might cost him, for that I praise God! Finally, a Christian leader talking and walking like one.

By the way, you guys are doing great work for Gov. Huckabee. Thanks!!!