October 10, 2007

Take It From A Democrat

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Who are democrats really afraid of? Not Mitt Romney. The following New York Times commentor weighs in on evangelicals backing Romney -- and gives his advice to the GOP. This kind of feedback from democrats has become a common occurence. Mike Huckabee is our best chance to beat Hillary.
"I fully support the concept of evangelicals throwing their support to Romney. Romney should be much easier for Senator Clinton to beat. It just makes good sense.

If the evangelicals actually wanted to support somebody who believes what they believe, they would stump for Huckabee, who in addition to being articulate and intelligent, is in line with their beliefs. The problem is, he might actually be a worthy opponent.

I hope Dobson et al train wreck the party. I’ll laugh all the way to the booth."


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hillary could beat both Romney and Giuliani with her hands tied behind her back. The reason is because Republicans want somebody who is the total Opposite of Hillary.

Ann Coulter's man Romney is a Flip Flop on abortion and a member of a cult, maybe Ann should change her name to Ann Cult-er.

Giuliani is a Flip Flop on Abortion as well and plus he's for pampering homosexuals with special rights in a civil union.

Though both Romney and Giuliani are Abortion Flip Flops, at least Romney acknowledges his supporting abortion was WRONG.

The only true Conservative Warrior in the R-bunch is Mike Huckabee


Anonymous said...

Hey, could you post the link to that article you quoted? That's necessary ammo for me as I try to convince my friends to vote for Huckabee instead of Romney. Thanks!