November 13, 2007

More Truth About Taxes and Huckabee

J. Ritterbush over at Right Smart has posted a great rebuttal to the continued attacks against Governor Huckabee's fiscal records:

The Club for Growth, has invested no small amount of money and ad time to attacking Mike Huckabee's record in Arkansas. In so doing, the CFG has played fast and very loose with the facts, and ignores Huckabee's record of cutting taxes 90+ times during his 10 years as governor.

The Evangelical Outpost has already done a wonderful job of addressing the CFG's falsehoods. Here now is more historical background from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette which should further refute claims that Huckabee is a fiscal liberal. The taxes I address here are the same ones flagged by CFG.

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After lengthy review, Ritterbush concludes:
I have far more respect for executives -- governors or mayors -- who had to balance tough decisions on cutting programs versus cutting taxes. I'll stack Huckabee's record of accomplishments and judicious fiscal management against any other presidential candidate. Any current or former senator can claim to have a conservative fiscal record, but the fact remains that those senators did nothing to stop runaway spending in Congress.

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