November 15, 2007

November 15: Huckabee News Roundup

Today's new Rasmussen poll numbers find Huckabee tied nationally with McCain and Thompson at 11%, and close behind Romney at 13%.

Randy Alcorn has posted some insightful commentary about Pat Robertson's Giuliani endorsement and the problem of political expedience and pragmatism:

Let me respond to the people, including some who commented on last week’s blog, who are adamantly ABC (Anybody But Clinton). Here’s a quote:

Christian Conservatives must decide on who is best to beat Hillary. That is THE most important point. Huckabee is great, but he WILL not beat Hillary. Whomever wins the Republican nomination must be supported by ALL Republicans. If we step back because we don’t like the candidate we as Christians will be voting in Hillary Clinton. This CANNOT happen.

I mean no disrespect, but actually, yes, there ARE worse things than Hillary being elected. In my opinion, having to stand before God to answer for compromising biblical convictions and acting as moral hypocrites by voting for an unprincipled man who will not defend the innocent and care for his own family is far worse. God will not judge me in light of whether I’ve followed conservativism or promoted Republicanism, but as to whether I have honored my Lord Jesus.

Jesus said if we love Him, we should keep his commandments. These include His commandments about the sanctity of life. As Christians we need to ask ourselves, do we love Jesus more than we dislike Hillary Clinton?

There are other options. At least a couple of them are prolife, and the one with the best chance of winning, I think, is Mike Huckabee. But regardless of what we think about his chances, why would we not choose someone who we have reason to believe will live by God-honoring principles and stand for the unborn and marriage and family and religious freedom whether in victory or defeat?

Sacrifice children on the altar of Republicanism? I won’t do it. The children aren’t expendable. The Republican party is. The logic that we’ll really save lives because fewer will die under Rudy than Hillary doesn’t cut it. No, I’ll vote for someone who won’t sacrifice children on the altar of expedience, pragmatism, partisanship or economic philosophy. And I won’t consider it a wasted vote, because if the two options on a ballot so blatantly dishonor Christ and His values, then the real waste would be voting for one of them.
Read the whole thing here...

Huckabee received a significant pro-life endorsement yesterday from Thomas A. Glessner, founder and president of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, a law firm that supplies legal services to Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs):
Glessner issued his endorsement in a letter to the more than 2,500 PRCs nation wide.

"Forty nine million abortions since 1973 is a moral blight upon our land that must be corrected and 1.2 million abortions a year continues to break the very heart and soul of this nation.... Life is an inalienable gift from our Creator that is the first and foremost of rights upon which all others depend. Our next president must be a person who believes this within the foundations of his soul. And we need a president who has the moral convictions and commitment to work to end the cultural nightmare of abortion.... I am convinced that Governor Huckabee is that person.

"Now is the time to make our voices heard loud and clear! We cannot sit on the sidelines at this crucial time in American history. And now is not the time to pragmatically endorse and support candidates who have questionable records on abortion simply because conventional political wisdom appears to tell us that they have the best chance of winning.

"This is not the time to hope for the best from the worst of candidates because it appears that they are the probable winners. No! There is too much at stake and if we fail to support the candidates who truly support us then we have failed ourselves. May this not be!

"I urge that all who read this letter commit to supporting Governor Huckabee with your prayers and your votes in your state primaries and caucuses."
A new South Carolina poll shows Huckabee with 12% of the vote, his highest numbers to date. He is gaining on McCain, at 14%.

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Great site...I just found it. Ironically I am from Gresham also... There is a stronger Conservative presence in Oregon than most people think!!