December 16, 2007

Alex and Brett in the Washington Post

In a story in the Washington Post, titled Home-School Ties Aided Huckabee Rise in Iowa, the reporters give Brett and me a mention:

While early attention focused on Romney and other better-known and better-funded opponents, home-schoolers rallied to Huckabee's cause, attracted by his faith, his politics and his decision to appoint a home-school proponent to the Arkansas board of education. They tapped a web of community and church groups who share common conservative interests, blasting them with e-mails and passing along the word about Huckabee in social settings.

It was the endorsement by prominent national home-school advocate Michael Farris that helped propel Huckabee to a surprising second-place finish in the Iowa straw poll in August. And it was the twin sons of a home-school advocate in Oregon who helped put Huckabee in touch with television tough guy Chuck Norris, who appeared alongside him in an attention-getting television spot and on the campaign trail.


By the end of September, the campaign had finally raised its first million dollars -- a benchmark total, yet barely pocket change in present-day presidential politics. Things picked up in October, especially after Huckabee's enthusiastic reception at the Values Voters Summit in Washington. He raised $2 million in November and began running television ads, including a clever spot with Norris.

For Norris's boost, Huckabee can thank Brett and Alex Harris, 19-year-old twins and sons of an Oregon home-school activist named Gregg Harris. They started blogs to promote Huckabee and had the idea of sending e-mails to prominent conservatives, urging them to get behind the former Arkansas governor.

One of the e-mails from the Portland pair was read to Norris, who climbed aboard, filming an ad that emphasized Huckabee's self-deprecating wit and his credentials as a social conservative and gun advocate.

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The Kollers said...

Well, that is really special!!! Keep up the good work!

Mrs. Koller

Anonymous said...

As I wrote today on our PA Homeschoolers message board (, "Many homeschoolers have read books by his well-known older brother ... (b)ut what Alex and his twin-brother Brett did this year may have an even larger effect upon American history."

By the way, about a month ago I endorsed Huckabee on our PA Homeschoolers message board and I have been debating Ron Paul supporters there ever since. The latest Ron Paul claim is that Huckabee is anti-homeschooling. Paul even has a posting to that effect on his website.

The truth is that Huckabee fixed the worst homeschool law in the nation that had been passed in 1985 by President Clinton when he was Governor of Arkansas. Governor Clinton´s law, which had Hillary´s fingerprints all over it, prevented homeschoolers in Arkansas from teaching their own children if the children had been classified as handicapped. It also required that homeschooled kids score average or above on achievement tests or their parents could not continue homeschooling.

We had that terrible Arkansas law thrown in our faces by the Pennsylvania Department of Education who wanted similar restrictions upon homeschoolers in PA when we lobbied for our own homeschool law from 1985-1988.

Huckabee fixed all of the problems with the 1985 law in 1997. But that monumental accomplishment is minimized by the Ron Paul website. Instead they make a mountain out of molehill because two years later, Huckabee supported a proposal by Representative Jim Magnus, a homeschooling father from Little Rock, which (horror upon horrors!) required that homeschoolers give 2 weeks notice before starting to homeschool!

Howard Richman, co-editor
PA Homeschoolers newsletter

Anna Naomi said...

Wow! That's so neat that God has used you in this way. Again, keep up the good work!

Mikeandarts said...

Great work!

How about some including our blog on your blog role. We were one of the first blogs supporting Governor Huckabee.

Keep it up!

Applied Christianity said...

Wow congratulations! The Rebelution was just mentioned on Larry King Live too. God bless.