December 17, 2007

December 17: Huckabee News Roundup

A new California poll from SurveyUSA has Huckabee just 8 points behind Giuliani, up 12 percent since October:

Giuliani 28
Huckabee 20
Romney 16
McCain 14
Thompson 13
Rasmussen Reports weekly presidential poll shows Huckabee leading the Republican field with 23% of the vote, 5 points ahead of Giuliani and 8 points ahead of Romney. Rasmussen's weekly analysis notes that the rise of Huckabee has thrown the race into disarray:
It was a busy week in the race for the GOP nomination. John McCain picked up key endorsements, Mike Huckabee picked up a campaign manager, Mitt Romney decided to go negative on Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani moved to rebuild his support in Florida, and Fred Thompson moved to Iowa for the duration.

Despite all the activity, one key fact now dominates every campaign--the rise of Mike Huckabee has thrown the race for the Republican nomination into disarray.

It is not possible to know who will emerge as the nominee or when the nominee will be determined. In fact, there is a growing possibility that the nomination will not be determined on Super Tuesday, February 5. Ironically, in a year when politicians in many states scrambled to move their primaries forward so that they could have more influence, the later voting states may finally determine the nominee.

For the seven days ending December 16, Huckabee enjoyed a slight lead in national polling over the other Republican hopefuls. He currently leads in Iowa, South Carolina, and Florida. He is tied for the lead in Michigan.

Nationwide, Huckabee attracts 30% of conservative voters. Giuliani earns 16%, Romney 14%, and Thompson 13%.

Among men, it’s Huckabee 23%, Giuliani 20%, and Thompson 14%. Among women, it’s Huckabee 24%, Romney 17%, and Giuliani 15%.

Giuliani is stronger among younger votes, Romney among those who used to be young. Huckabee leads them both among all age groups at the moment.

For the seven days ending December 16, 2007 show that Mike Huckabee earns 23% of the vote while Rudy Giuliani attracts 18%. Mitt Romney is at 15% while Fred Thompson is at 12% and John McCain is the preferred candidate for 11%. Ron Paul’s support for the week is at 6%.
Huckabee also recently won a non-scientific poll on Bill O'Reilly's official website:
Huckabee 43
Romney 32
Giuliani 19
McCain 6

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