January 8, 2008

GALLUP: America Thinks Huckabee Will Win

In addition to the recent Gallup national poll showing Huckabee ahead by five points with 25 percent, here are some more astounding numbers from Gallup:

Huckabee's current front-runner status is bolstered by the poll finding that 33% of Americans, including 36% of Republicans, think he will win the Republican nomination for president. Eighteen percent each believe McCain or Giuliani will prevail, while 14% believe Romney will emerge as the Republican nominee.
These results are really quite incredible. Just look at the Republican numbers... Huckabee is ahead of everyone else by a 2-1 margin, and Thompson's numbers are just painful to look at:
Which Candidate Do You Think Will Win the 2008 Republican Nomination?

Huckabee 36
Giuliani 18
McCain 16
Romney 16
Thompson 3
No Opinion 8


Anonymous said...
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BlueNight said...


For the last two weeks, every time I've heard the name Huckabee on right-leaning or right-wing media, the word "Christian" has followed close behind.

It's like some bizzare attempt to marginalize Mike by categorizing him: he's the guy Christians will vote for.

Well, let's not get too ahead of ourselves. Many of his positions have nothing explicit to do with his having been a minister, but more to do with having been a governor.

Taxes. Immigration. Health care. Small business. I've heard him discuss these issues with talk show hosts, in surprising length, and in surprisingly more detail than any other candidate.

He's unafraid to talk about the ethics violations others have accused him of. On a national talk show. In front of the people that are going to elect him President of the USA.

He's the first honest politician I can recall in my 29 years of life. (Of course that's only because I'm too young to remember seeing Reagan on TV.)