January 8, 2008

New Hampshire: McCain Wins, Huckabee 3rd

UPDATED: McCain has been declared the winner, and Romney has accepted the silver again. McCain currently leads Romney 37% to 32%. It looks as if Huckabee should maintain third place as the rest of the votes come in this evening (91% of the precincts reporting):

McCain 37
Romney 32
Huckabee 11
Giuliani 9
Paul 8
Thompson 1
Hunter 1
To see the results as they come in, go to MSNBC.


Bob W said...

You ought to put something on your blog showing the delegate count. It is my understanding that after NH, Huckabee leads with 31, Romney with 19, McCain with 7.

Joel said...

bob w,
CNN actually has Romney ahead with 30 and Huckabee with 21. To be honest, I don't entirely understand the whole process, but you can go look at their scorecard here:

Anonymous said...

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